Monday, 3 July 2017

The Broad Street Killer

The Twits reading group have made a video based on the text The Broad Street Killer

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Taniwha Art

We have looked at a few new  art techniques this term. One of these is resist art. This is achieved by first planning a design in chalk. We chose to design a taniwha because we had been reading Maori myths. Next we coloured our page using crayons, taking care to plan for white space by using white crayon. Finally, we used a black dye to wash all over our work. The waxy crayons resist the dye instead fills all the little spaces and washes over our chalk lines giving our work some sharp black outlines. Cool! Come and see them all in the foyer and class.

Fairy Bread Procedural Writing

Reading procedures is something we do all the time when baking, cooking, building a flat pack or constructing a Lego set but have you ever tried writing one? Ensuring you have ALL the steps can be a challenge and it is easy to assume other people will 'know what you're talking about'. Well, in class we set our selves a little challenge to write the instructions needed for fairy bread... and a buddy had to follow them. We had some interesting outcomes with some sprinkles but no butter, too many sprinkles, not quite enough sprinkles and some very strange crust cutting instructions. On the whole though we did a great job and boy did it taste good!

Saturday, 29 April 2017

What a Term!

Wow! Room 4 has had a great start to the year! The big focus for Term One was teamwork. As a team, we may each have different strengths and weaknesses but by working together and listening to each other we can make great things happen. For the final two weeks of the term, we had the pleasure of Polly joining us all the way from England. It was great to see Room 4 as such a welcoming bunch and we wish Polly all the best for her travel home with her family.

Term Two looks like it will be a great one, hope you are ready to get rolling...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our Gala Art... A Work in Progress

We are working together using our fingerprints and our own colour to fill the tiki. Keep an eye out for the finished product!